Episode 5 - Data Stories

Today the focus is on data and music. Today we’re talking about analogue format. Focusing on it as being an our ecological friend; an ally in combat climate change.

There are bonuses for music engineers too. Creativity speaking, analogue apparently helps artist get into weird experimentation, and we’ll see how this works in the ‘dark wave’ of King Krule and his release of Man Alive! on the Panther Records and XL Recordings this month.

How could it be possible thqt spinning vinyl rather than streaming your music can save the planet? Platforms like Spotify pollute massively more than any other recorded music format throughout the history of, well, recorded and produced music; surpassing both the eras of vinyl and CD, making the streaming format the biggest ever polluter of them all.

It is 2020 and in terms of music production, analogue basically means vinyl, vinyl records. The format is, not only on trend, and turning record labels a profit, it’s good for breaking up the monotony of your neighbourhood. I mean how many record stores have you spotted recently, for me it’s in the dozens, in the 11th and 12th districts of Paris.

Even, beyond the commercial growth of analogue, new research reveals that listening to your favourite track, your favourite music artist on vinyl – not streaming it – it shreds, literally minimises greenhouse emissions, those pesky CO2 emissions. At this point then I’m thinking... Does Greta stream? Do eco-activists dream of electronic streaming?


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So it's Valentine's Day or there abouts! Check this 30 minute regular episode of UpYourEnglish. The story looks behind the veil of the now infamous OK Cupid Experiment. We consider data as a way of matching two people, and why a simple profile photo can, more often than not, be a 'deal breaker'.

There are extracts from the book Dataclysm, written by one of Ok Cupid's founders Christian Rudder, and the story reveals Rudder as a man with a massive heart. His amibition? To use data to reduce the dispicable racism which pervades the everyday.


Remember you can read the transcript on the site and find out more info on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual data sets over at www.upyourenglish.net

February 7, 2020

The optimism cartels

This episode and story of Up Your English documents the work of Swedish data analyst Hans Rosling whose critical work has altered the way the World Bank and other institutions consider distinctions of 'developed' and 'developing' world. I talk about his work using vocabulary associated with statistics and 'information graphics' related also to my own career path and University education. The episode also looks at optimism with a focus on billionaire philanthropists like BIll Gates who invest in optimism as if trading stocks. Has optimism become just another commercial entity which business exploit to maintain profits? And in 2020 The Hans Rosling for Population Health is being build in the US. Check the transcript at www.upyourenglish.net

Episode 2: In the internet activists calendar January has historically become known as a month that defined the decade. Nearly a decade ago the internet was being attacked, but not by geeks, but by the US government, and the year was 2012. Think of it like a ‘knowledge-extinction rebellion’. FULL TRANSCRIPT AT http://www.upyourenglish.net

January 17, 2020

Get a taste for the language

Episode 1: If you have difficulties understanding traditional English media then why not try this instead.

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